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Profitable Marketing Solutions 


Cordero Marketing Consultancy provides experienced marketing consultants to organisations and companies who do not have a dedicated marketing function in place, but who are ambitious in their plans for growth and would benefit from a qualified team of experts experienced in achieving just this.

We develop intelligent strategies for both attracting and retaining valuable customers. Our approach to marketing consultancy focuses on achieving a tangible return on investment (ROI) for our clients, through developing measurable and profitable marketing tactics, whilst reducing costs and unnecessary expenditure. 

In short, everything we do is results-driven. Our service is flexible, you choose how much and how often you want to work with us. This makes us affordable within this tough economic climate, as well as essential if you are looking to stand out from your competitors and gain market share you are currently missing out on.

Our vision is reinforced by 3 basic principles:


Most importantly, every project we undertake will provide quantifiable results, where you can clearly measure the value it has brought your business. It will be tailored specifically around your individual business objectives and will visibly take you closer to fulfilling your long-term business goals and strategy.


Any perceived risk on the client’s part is minimised, as our flexible approach allows you to choose how you want to work with us. You can therefore gain confidence in what benefits our expertise will offer your business, before you decide to commit more long-term.


Our philosophy is to listen intently and perform consistently. Every project we embark upon will be developed around the bespoke needs of your business. We take time to understand your long term goals, the market and its impact on your future and success.