Brand Management

Your brand is often the first thing your customers will learn about you. And if well managed, will be the means by which they will remember you. Research shows that between 40-70% of a company’s worth can be attributed to the value and strength of its brand.

Stand out in your marketplace

Your brand is your identity, the face of your business and a means by which your customers will recognise your strengths and develop preferences for what you offer. A strong brand strategy cannot be overlooked if you are committed to standing out in your marketplace. Its capabilities are vast and include:

  Differentiating your product or service and improving your competitive position 
  Establising a strong brand awareness, increasing customer loyalty and brand reputation  
  Strengthening the financial value of your business through an enhanced corproate profile  
  Raising employee loyalty, recruitment potential, resulting in improved overall service quality

Help your customers choose you

Customers are attracted to brands which offer credibility and quality assurance. This is not an easy achievement but one that is highly rewarding should you be successful. At Cordero Marketing, our approach to brand strategy uses performance indicators such as quality of service, service (or product) differentiation and brand awareness to scientifically take your brand to a new level of recognition. This approach allows us to measure the success with which we achieve this objective, ensuring that results meet expectations in every way.

Branding is a diverse and specialist field, yet one that is hard to avoid for any business. Whether you are ready to look at your branding strategy as a whole, or just prioritise the most important aspects within your business, Cordero Marketing can help with some or all of the following areas of expertise:

 Brand Design  Brand Positioning and Quality
 Brand Communications         Corporate Social Responsibility 
 Awards & Recognition   Market & Competitor Research     
 Brand Strategy - Development & Implementation





To discuss how Cordero Marketing can help you stand out in your marketplace and gain the recognition you deserve, please contact us now.