Marketing Communications

If your success depends on attracting and retaining customers, it is your communications – in one form or another – that will achieve this goal. Communications is one of the most demanding elements of the marketing mix, yet is also one that no business can avoid. Although often overlooked, it is one of the most measurable areas of your marketing strategy and so can genuinely be, with the right knowledge and approach, the most profitable and rewarding.

Understand what influences your customers

Marketing Communications is centred around the process in which you can strategically persuade your target audience to purchase your product or service, either for the first time or on a repeat basis. Through utilising specialist techniques, there are a number of  benefits associated with a robust and effective communications strategy including:

   Attracting new business, raising sales potential and boosting market share    
   Improving brand awareness and recognition whilst raising your corporate profile
   Increasing your competitive advantage through strong product/service differentiation 
   Inspiring customer loyalty and enhancing brand reputation

Turn communications in to profit

The tools which you use to talk to your audience can vary from business to business depending on a range of factors including: available budgets and resource; business strategy and objectives; target market characteristics; type of service or product; and cost and availability of media channels.

Each one of these factors will impact on the success of your communications. The more persuasive your message is and the more directly you talk to your audience, the more profitable your communications will become. Cordero Marketing have expertise across a wide range of tools available to achieve this, which require specialist knowledge  in order to use them to their full potential. We have broken these down in to the following categories:   

 Advertising  Public Relations
 Websites  Search Engines
 Exhibitions and Events   Awards & Sponsorship
 Newsletters     E-mail Marketing
 On and Offline Networking  Ambient (Outdoor) Media
 Literature & Copywriting  Social Media
 Communications Strategy - Development & Implementation   






If you are interested in understanding how Cordero Marketing can help you raise the profitability of your communications, please contact us now.