Internal Marketing

It is only the most forward thinking of business leaders who recognise that the level of pride and enthusiasm a person applies within their role, will directly impact on the satisfaction of their customers and on their overall business success.

Make the most of their full potential

Your people are the face of your business. If you rely on the support and input of your staff to achieve your business objectives, internal marketing and communications should be a compulsory part of your strategy. Your most valuable customers are those that are loyal to your brand, which can only be achieved if they have been satisfied by what you offered them and with the service they received. Effective internal marketing creates a highly motivated and engaged workforce, which in return offers many benefits guaranteed to positively impact on your business performance: 

  Raised employee motivation and performance 
  Improved staff retention ratios and reduced absenteeism
  Effective adoption and implementation of business goals and strategies
  Increased customer satisfaction, loyalty and brand reputation
  Enhanced competitive position and increased people performance and productivity 

Your people are your product 

Your staff are the people you rely on to promote your business. It is through their work that your customers will be attracted and will come back to purchase your goods and services. At Cordero Marketing we have the expertise to help evaluate how your business is perceived as an employer, enabling you to understand what you do well and how you can maximise profitability through your people. We then align these findings with what you are aiming to achieve as a business, ensuring your management structure has the highest commitment possible in realising its given objectives. This approach can involve a number of different tactics including:

 Employer-ee Communications    Incentive & Reward Schemes 
 Opinion Surveys / Culture Audits      Intranets and Newsletters
 Events & Celebrations       Employer Branding      
 Training & Development  Recruitment Strategy
 Internal Marketing Strategy - Development & Implementation     





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