If somebody is reading your literature (whether that be a brochure, website, letter or other documentation), they have confirmed they have a genuine interest in what you have to say.  

Don’t underestimate the opportunity

Literature is a powerful element of the communications mix where more often than not you have the reader’s undivided attention. It is up to you to sieze this moment and ensure that what they read hits the mark and persuades them to make a call to action.

Consistent and high impact literature will instill a sense of trust, professionalism and integrity - an opportunity that should not be taken for granted. If effective, it can also support new and existing revenue streams and will form a lasting impression for customers when choosing a supplier in the future.

Get the results you need

At Cordero Marketing we have the required experience to develop marketing literature which captivates your audience, taking them logically through the decision making process of whether your organisation can satisfy their requirements. Whilst using a combination of our marketing knowledge and writing skills to achieve this, we also ensure the visual aspect of your materials are distinctive, high impact and of premium quality.

To begin with, we establish exactly what you are trying to achieve from your literature and who your target audience is. This will allow us to create a needs-benefits match, where the messages and design will be positioned to appeal specifically to the people you are talking to. Cordero Marketing have experience of applying this process to a range of communications channels including:

 Brochures / Flyers  Website/Online Content
 Proposal/Pitch Documents         Company documentation           
 Media Content  Graphic Design & Copy Writing   
 Brand/Positioning Strategy - Development & Implementation





To discuss how you can improve your response and maximise the impact of your literature, please contact us now…