A Marketing Audit could be your solution…

Whether the economy is in a period of recession or boom, if you rely on attracting and satisfying customers, it is impossible to avoid carrying out some form of marketing. For organisations looking to maximise profitability and business performance, the best thing you can do is first assess what marketing activity is actually taking place across your company and how effective this actually is.

Helping you serve your market more profitably

In a climate where customers are more cautious and selective in who they purchase from, raising your competitive edge is more important than ever. A compelling and robust marketing strategy will achieve results that are not possible otherwise. The first and most important stage to this process is to understand both the internal and external factors that are affecting your business performance. And the most effective way of doing this is to undertake a thorough audit of your marketing environment. This is potentially the most complex and time-consuming part of the strategy development, yet it provides the essential foundations for the success it will later repay.  

How will you benefit

Cordero Marketing’s Audit will provide you with the knowledge and data required to ensure every opportunity for success within your business is fully exploited. It offers a diagnostic tool with which areas for improvement can be identified, and where those in which you excel can be analysed and learnt from. In short, it helps you achieve better results, whilst reducing your costs, allowing you to quickly reach your true profit potential.

It may be a fresh pair of eyes and an external perspective that you would benefit from, or simply that you don’t have the necessary time or capabilities in-house to carry out such an impartial review, to such a high standard. Either way, the benefits that our Marketing Audit will bring are significant:

  Enables you to realign your marketing activity and become a more profitable organisation
  Offers reliable foundations upon which you can build your business and marketing strategy 
  Helps you understand and fulfil the needs of your customers to a much higher standard
  Offers the intelligence to compete more strongly and stand out in your marketplace
  Reveals important detail about your business that you never knew…good and constructive!


Our marketing audit will provide the most cost effective solution to raising your business performance on the market today. It eliminates the need to employ somebody in-house who would have the necessary capability to carry out the same process, to the same standard and with the same range of expertise at hand. If you would like us to send you a costing structure and a more detailed view of what the audit will include, please click here.

Otherwise, to learn more about how we could help you raise your business performance whilst reducing your existing costs, please contact us now for a free and confidential discussion.