Marketing Planning and Strategy

For your business to succeed, you must create a sustainable competitive advantage…in other words, a reason for your target market to choose you. This is the basis for needing a robust marketing strategy, forming a blueprint document which will shape the future success of your business.

Maximise your profit potential 

The development of a strong marketing orientation across your business will enable you to understand and satisfy customers better, challenge competitor activity more vigorously, respond to market developments more promptly and fully harness the true potential your business has to offer.

A marketing strategy will allow each individual within your business to maintain a clear focus as to what their role is in achieving your strategic and financial objectives. Moreover, from a management perspective, it will ensure you do this as profitably and effectively as is humanly possible. 

Don’t get left behind

A robust marketing strategy will provide both a financial benefit as well as a greater sense of confidence across the company. This subsequently creates benefits such as strong customer loyalty, improved employee performance and raised brand reputation.

The strategic direction of any business cannot be effectively established without a strong knowledge and understanding of its market conditions and customer needs. It is this role that marketing undertakes and therefore any business that recognises its importance will not fail to stand out as a leader within its field. Key benefits include:

   Identifying and creating new opportunities for growth 
   Enhancing customer satisfaction, perceptions and loyalty
   Raising competitive edge and establishing a true differential advantage             
   Maximising return on investment, business performance and financial profitability   

Your wish is our command

From identifying profitable business opportunities and selecting relevant target markets, to creating an appealing proposition and promoting this to attract and retain sufficient customers, Cordero Marketing’s expertise encompasses the entire marketing process. Each client has a very individual set of needs and it is for this reason we take time to understand what these are before developing solutions which are entirely bespoke to your organisation. These could include one or more of the below :

 Marketing Strategy  Marketing Audit
 Objective Setting  Marketing Mix Development
 Target Market Segmentation    Communications                     
 Branding & Positioning  Pricing
 Performance Analysis        New Market Entry     
 Marketing Management, Planning and Budget Control






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