Marketing expertise at its best

Delivering a consistently high quality of service is one of the most important, yet challenging tasks any business can face. The reputation and perceptions of your business will dictate the financial value of your brand. Do you know what ‘quality’ looks like in the eyes of your customers? Do you understand what they truly want and how well you are meeting their needs?

Our integrated service portfolio has been designed to provide you with intelligent information on what the market and your customers are wanting. In turn, this allows us to raise your competitive edge and communicate through a range of specialised techniques, including strong brand management and targeted promotional activity:

Marketing Planning & Strategy: Identify opportunities for growth, discover how to fully exploit these and learn how your business could be even more successful… read more

Online Marketing:The world relies on digital technology to make informed buying decisions. This is one of the most targeted and measurable marketing techniques available…read more

Communications: Ensure your target market knows who you are, what you can do and why you are different. More so, do this in the most cost effective and high impact way possible… read more

Customer Relationship Management: Become and remain customer-centric. Understand what your customers want, how to retain them and what will drive brand loyalty upwards… read more

Research & Intelligence: Gain a thorough insight of industry trends, competitors, customers and the market environment, exploiting all opportunities for growth to their full potential… read more

Brand Management: Stand out in your market with a strong identity. Differentiate yourself through memorable brand values. Raise brand equity through enhancing awareness and loyalty… read more 

Internal Marketing: Maximise productivity whilst creating a sense of worth across your organisation through robust and structured internal communications… read more 

Literature: Appeal to your customers through relevant and striking literature. Inspire positive buying decisions through strong promotional messages and communication… read more

Recruitment Marketing: Believe that your people are your greatest asset.  Finding the very best talent in your market is an essential ingredient to being the best at what you do… read more

Business Coaching: Educate your team on how to achieve the best results for your business in any of the above specialist areas through tailored training and mentoring programmes… read more

Marketing encompasses a vast range of skill sets and experience – a combination for which the cost is almost impossible to justify in the majority of ambitious businesses. It is around this statistic that Cordero Marketing has developed its proposition, its affordability and its flexibility. No matter how big, or how small your requirement, Cordero Marketing has the capability to help. Please contact us now for more information…