Research & Intelligence

For senior decision makers, the level of direct contact taking place between you and your customers can often be limited. The provision of quality information and intelligence relating to the business decisions you are required to take, can therefore be a particularly valuable prospect. Furthermore, interpreting this information wisely will make the process of developing a profitable and sustainable strategy much more objective and robust.

Make your decisions intelligent

There are three main areas of information that Cordero Marketing considers essential for any business wanting to achieve its true profit potential:

  Customers: Who are your customers, what satisfies them and what are the main influences on what, where, when and how they buy or use your service or product. Understanding your existing and potential customers will put your business in a stronger position to predict how they will respond to your brand and proposition.

  Competitors: It is impossible to maintain an advantage over your competitors if you don’t know exactly what they are doing and with what level of success. Establish their and your own strengths and weaknesses and develop a proposition which differentiates your brand, exceeding anything already offered on the marketplace today.

  Marketing Environment: Customer and market requirements are changing all the time and are largely influenced by a number of external factors which are out of your control and fluctuate dependent upon the industry you operate within. Gaining a tighter grasp on what impact these conditions will have on your business, will allow you to create a more competitive proposition and more closely satisfy your customer expectations.

Use research to your advantage 

At Cordero Marketing, our approach to market research involves the collection of data and information using a wide range of specialist techniques and sources including published evidence, information databases, behaviour observation and direct communication with people. Once relevant information has been collected, we offer a detailed interpretation of the intelligence and establish how this applies to the circumstances within your specific industry and organisation. Often the information needs to be analysed and further developed before this can be achieved, where the findings and recommendations will assist you in creating both a profitable and resilient competitive advantage, which would not have been possible otherwise. 

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